Thursday, May 7, 2015



Prayers for money, big homes, nice cars

Prayers for gimme more, just a little more

Then I will be happy…so you say as you reach for that bottle of Jim

Prayers for love, “Please let him notice me”

Prayers for lust, “I hope she fall for that”

What kind of praying do you do America?

Prayers for peace, prosperity, for you and for me

Prayers for change in this world, for every boy and girl

Spirit and truth America!

Prayers for slaves to be set free

Prayers for the lost to find the King

We are bleeding America…one way to stop it…

“If my people” says our King, will turn around and recognize

“If my people” says our King, will repent, in tears and sincerity

“Then I will heal” says our King, yet are we listening America?

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