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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snow, snow, go away, don't come back another day

Snow, snow go away, don't come back another day!

Southwest Florida. Sunshine. Sugar sand beaches. Chilly gulf breezes. Hold up a second! Chilly breezes? I thought there was sunshine...and we're at the beach...in SOUTH Florida at that! What gives?

Hmmphh! We'd like to know ourselves. As would every other southern state in the Union that had snow dumped on their front lawn today. I say dumped, because some cities will need shovels to get out of their driveways tomorrow. No, we're not talking a dusting here this time. Atlanta, GA got 3.5" today. Southern Mississippi, McComb to be exact, had 3". And as much as 5" were expected in parts of AL. The winner by far was Dallas, TX which received 12.5"! That is CRAZY! It doesn't normally snow in these areas folks. This is truly unprecedented.

How does all of this affect us in Southwest FL you might ask? It's supposed to be Season! No, not Christmas season - peak Snowbird Season!! They are our bread and butter and we should be packing them in here, ready to help them forget the cold temps, freezing rain and the dreaded white stuff!
But even in Northern FL the dreaded 'S' word reared it's ugly head. Yes, for them it was brief and really caused no issues. But we don't have snow plows, salt trucks and chains on our tires down here people. Neither does anyone in Atlanta or Dallas or any of the other southern cities that were turned into winter wonderlands today by SnowSlam 2010.

All of these things are working against us getting warm bodies into our comfy beds at numerous resorts and hotels across Lee and Collier counties. We should be booking weeks in advance for rooms and instead it is only days at most. No one can get to us because of all this stinkin' snow! And if you have been able to get to us in the last week or so, hope you really like us, because you're not going home anytime soon! Flights into and out of Southwest Florida International are grounded. So, settle back and relax...after all, you are at the beach.

And that brings us back to those chilly breezes. Average highs for this time of year are 77. Know what today was? 62. That is 15 degrees off the norm! Our low tonight is expected to be 47. The average low is 55. Again, a bit off the mark for what is expected this time of year. That's why all you snowbirds come down here. For warm, tropical breezes and mildly cool evenings. Bring a light jacket, couple of hoodies and you're good! Except for this winter, where gloves, actual coats, not windbreakers and even scarves are not being worn for fashion, but because we are all COLD!

So, Old Man Winter...please go back up North where you belong this time of year. In fact, could you head really far North, like, say, Vancouver? I hear you are sorely needed up there for some little races and competitions they are holding. We'd like our WARM sun drenched days back please? I did say please.

I know, I know...it will leave and those balmy breezes we so love will return. So to our Northern friends, our loveable Snowbirds, I say, come. The gulf may be cold now, but there are heated pools and jacuzzi filled rooms just waiting your arrival!

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