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Thursday, October 7, 2010


We try so hard to fix what is broken in our lives, when all we need is to give it up to the Master...creator of heaven and earth.  He is the only one who can truly fix that which is broken inside our hearts, in our families, marriages, jobs.  It is so hard to grasp this! Our humanity clashes with His divinity and we struggle to turn over our mediocre lives in exchange for the magnificent life He intends for us.  When I say magnificent I do not mean to imply all will be roses and rainbows if we allow God to work within us.  I do mean we will experience peace and joy in spite of it all.  Joy in the face of death and sorrow?  YES!  Not joy as the world knows joy...but joy in knowing we and our loved ones are connected because of Christ and even when something is finished here, it is not really finished.  Peace when the pink slip is given and food becomes scarce?  YES!  Because we trust that He will make a way...that He will provide as He has promised in His word.  So let the anxiety of your soul meet the calming presence of God...let His will become yours and see what heights He lifts you to.

Wanting, needing, desperately pleading
Yearning, searching, raw emotions
A sob, a sigh, low then high
Laughter escapes me, torture constrains me

Yielding, bitter, sweet devotion
Conflicting thoughts fog my mind
Falling through space…I stop
You’ve caught me in your grace

Nothing can I do without you
Lord, I see this clearly now
Struggles cease, my mind at peace
As I surrender my will to my God.

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