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Monday, July 18, 2011

Run Away - new poetry just written today!

Sight has made me blind, love has made me unkind
False love is all I’ve known, broken heart, now a broken home
Thought we would last, believed it was real
Scales on my eyes, just couldn’t see, until that night
You walked away from me

I wanna run away, run fast and get outta here.
Wanna run away, run from the past, it’s stifling there.
Choking me, breaking me, making me hate me
Just gotta run away

All my fault, that’s what you said, pouring your lies into my head
Bitterness has taken over, I feel dead
Never again will you lay in my bed
Suffocating here in the dark, at last realizing what you are
Closing my ears to your spiteful tongue
Done with this, I’m outta here

Just gotta run, Just gotta run
Where I’m going I don’t know
But I know what I’m running from
Pain, confusion, so many illusions
You kept them there, dangling in front of me
Hoping I’d never see, so now I’ll run away

You tried to take all of me, break me down, abuse and use me
Threw me out just like the trash, didn’t care, didn’t look back
But that’s okay, I’ll rise again, clinging to Truth, to my best friend
On wings of eagles He’ll lift me up, drinking deep from His mercy cup

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