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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slavery - End It Movement

Chains bind me though you can't see,
When will I be free,
Won't you help me?

I look like you & you look like me,
Get me out please,
Please don't leave!

Is that what you think,
"It's your own fault"
Caught, so quick, don't blink.

Dragged around, kicked down
Battered and torn
Don't even want to see the morn.

God, send me rescue, send me relief,
Hear my crys, see my tears,
End this grief.

God, you're there, I believe,
Feel you in my inner heart,
My only peace.

One day I won't fear people anymore,
These chains will fall away,
Saved I'll be on that sweet shore.

Must I wait for death to release me?
Must I yearn for bittersweet,
Reach out, stand up, set us free.

Lift our cry as though it's your own,
Speak my brothers & sisters,
Bring us home, dear ones bring us home.

For those of you who think slavery ended at the conclusion of the Civil War, you are wrong.  Sadly there are more people enslaved today through the horror of sex trafficking than we have ever seen before.  And this is happening in our own backyards.  Not just in third world countries.  Not in some far away place.  It happens in Atlanta, GA.  It happens in Miami, FL.  Cleveland, OH.  From Texas to Tennessee, California to Connecticut.  Young women, young girls and even young men and boys are being bought and sold at an alarming rate every day.  Every.  Day.  Please take a moment to pray for these poor souls, pray for their families...and educate your children so they don't become a slave themselves.  Then take time to visit www.enditmovement.com and find out more about what you can do to help...let's End It!

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