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Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 will be great to God be the glory!

This year is starting off with a lot of chaos and stress for me on so many levels, however, here are 16 things I know that 2016 can bring if I let go and let God...

1. He will give me wisdom all I need do is ask...James 1:5
2. He alone can give me true peace regardless of how anxious I get...Psalm 23:4
3. He will be my strength when I have none left...Isaiah 40:29
4. He will give me grace and blessings though I have not earned them...Romans 3:24
5. His word will remind me the importance of LOVE...I Corinthians 13:1-3
6. He will teach me how to be the wife and woman I am meant to be...Proverbs 31:10-31
7. He will teach me that I must forgive...Matthew 6:15; Mark 11:25
8. He will be my Father...Psalm 68:5
9. He will teach me how to treat my enemies...Luke 6:35
10. He will remind me to put my work in the proper perspective...Colossians 3:23
11. He will teach me I must rest to renew myself...Genesis 2:2-3; Matthew 11:28
12. He reminds me that words are powerful...Proverbs 12:18 & 16:24
13. All of this tells me that healing in heart, mind, spirit and body can and will come if I trust Him. Romans 15:13
14. I must remember whose I am and pray others see Him not me...I want this to be evident in me. Galatians 2:20
15. Regardless of how I feel some days or what is going on, I am so richly blessed...Matthew 5
16. I want to help others see these things for themselves...Luke 21:13; Romans 1:16

These are prayers to myself, for myself and for what I want others to see in me and wonder...what is it that keeps her going? For I know it surely is not my power, but His that can accomplish all things. I want others to know this too!

I know I will fail, I will stumble and fall flat on my face many times over this year, yet in Him I know I can pick myself up and move on...I can grow from the scraped knees and hopefully do so in a way that is full of kindness and grace that points back to Him. I am not perfect and cannot be perfect, however, He can work perfect things in me for His glory.

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