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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Above everything else L.O.V.E.!

Love has the power to make us perfect!  Or at least as perfect as we can be in that we are fallen humans, saved by the grace of our Father.  Clicking the link above you can read the whole passage...it speaks of forgiveness, peace and thanksgiving.  Out of a heart full of love comes all of these things and more.

Our humanity can find it hard to forgive when we are wronged.  It is hard to forget times of anguish, fear, pain and suffering.  Especially if you are still in a place of hurting, it is difficult to imagine anything that make might you "perfect".

Love binds up hurts, takes away hate and heals our soul.  Love is what gets us up each day to work...whether inside the home or out...for the good of the ones we care for.  Love is what keeps us from despair and despondency in the worst of times and it is what has us gushing and giggling in the best of times.

Long ago, a preacher told my soon-to-be husband and I that "Love is not a feeling, it is an action.  There will be days you have to choose to love each other because you will not feel like doing so." (Thank you Brother Danny Waters...wise words from a sweet, Godly man.)

He was so right!  Although we talk of love like it is a feeling, it is in truth the actions someone shows us that speaks L.O.V.E. to us.  Remember, L.O.V.E. is loving everyone; very encouraging.

In our action of choosing to "put on love" we create a bond that leads to perfection...in our marriage...with our children...in our places of work and our places of worship.  Caring for the sick and poor, staying up late to talk with our children about their fears and dreams, cooking your hubby's favorite meal, going with a friend to the doctor.   

We bond with one another through L.O.V.E. in action! This is what it is all about...not that we become perfect as the world sees perfect, but that by tapping into God's love in us we create lasting bonds in our relationships as we show love to each other.

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