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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hallmark #SpringFling "Hearts of Spring" preview!

I was lucky to be chosen to preview this great new movie starring Lisa Welchel, Michael Shanks and Clancy Cauble called "Hearts of Spring".  It will be airing on Hallmark Saturday, April 9th at 9p.m. ET and 8p.m. PT so set your DVR and mark your calendar so you do not miss out! Here is a quick clip to peek your interest!

Sneak Peek

Doesn't it look FUN?  Here's the story:

"Single mom Carly Ashby (Whelchel) raises her daughter Sadie (Cauble), runs her flower shop and blogs about parenting, her real passion. Off the dating scene for years, Carly finally finds an attractive marital prospect in Dr. Andy Sommers (Shanks), a pediatrician who just may be Mr. Right. But when she discovers that Andy is actually ‘Jugglingdad,’ an opinionated blogger with radically different ideas about parenting who blows up her blog with his fiery comments, their fledgling relationship seems headed for the rocks." - Courtesy, Hallmark Channel

Tune in on April 9th and Tweet with me using #SpringFling, #HeartsofSpring and #HallmarkChannel and let's make this sweet spring romance soar on Twitter!

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